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S2E2 - “You want to know what she was like?”

So good to be back.

The birthday show is soon upon us, 4pm eastern, Saturday the 17th, on my server, hope to see you there.

S2E1 - Pampered Like A Queen (with Ker Dukey and K Webster)

And we're back! A story by Ker Dukey and K Webster at the beginning to tantalize you before the new episode in the middle and your questions to round us out.

It's so good to be back. It's so much fun to be yours. Thank you for it all.

If you'd like more of my work you can find on my Patreon, find more information on my website and can often find me relaxing on my discord fan server.

Hope to see you there and see you next week. Until then.

“So good to be here on a Saturday.”

Guys the next Saturday show is my BIRTHDAY SHOW on Saturday, August 17th, hope to see you there.

Knightly Pleasures Bonus Episode 2

This episode was brought to you by Serena, Breezy and endless amounts of patience. I do hope you enjoy.

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Yes, I miss you too. Hope to see you soon eager and ready fore season 2.

Until then.

The “Did you catch all that” show

Summer is steaming right along on my end, hope it is with you as well.

The “if you miss me won’t you come to the next one” show

I hope you're having a wonderful summer far. Yes, the podcast misses you, too.

Live shows are still happening. You can find out more at and clicking on the livestream schedule. I do hope to see you at one.

S1E14 - “Birthday Girl”

It's been an amazing journey and an amazing season, I hope you have had half as much fun as I have.

If you miss me, come by for more. You can find more from me there like my stream and show times, more content and bonus episodes on the patreon and so much more. You can also find a link there to my discord server, where I hang out during my down time.

Season 2 starts on August 8th, I hope to see you there.

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Goodness, clearly I'm going to miss you gals, too.

Tip Show 13.5 Confirm your character before continuing

Had a great time, rocked it out, was a little too loud, sorry for that!

Hope to see you at a live show soon. You can find the schedule for the next one at and then clicking on the livestream page.

S1E13 - “Again and Again and Again” (Man Sounds)

It's a whole lot of moaning and groaning this week, hope you're into that sort of thing, and that you think like me that I've never sounded better.

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Lots of new content will be there this summer. Hope you're looking forward to it.

S1E12 - “Backstage”

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