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Ep - 118 “Escaped from…”

A big thank you to each and every last one of you who likes, shares and interacts with my content when I push it out. You're the lifeblood of this show and keep it going, you make me want to keep trying and aspiring to do more and better. 

I appreciate you. 

Ep - 117.5 Poetry and Pleas.

Starts off on a serious note but is one of the more fun live shows in a while, lots of poetry and fun porn, hope you enjoy, see you at the next one.

Ep - 117 “Confess/Show Off”

Happy Valentine's Day! It's one hour of pent up sexual release with two episodes today. The first is intense and has BDSM elements from the jump, the second is more sweet, sensual and tied into a loving relationship. I do hope you enjoy both.

If you haven't been, you could always come to a live show to show me what an amazing job you think I'm doing. You can find the schedule for the next one here, I hope to see you there.

Ep - 116 “Bend”

What a lovely week, can't wait to see you for Valentine's Day next Thursday.

Ep - 115 “Still My Baby”

What a month! More live stuff coming soon, just trying to keep on rocking and rolling it on out.

Ep - 114 “Stress Test” (Man sounds and ramble)

Hey guys, it's another week, another episode. See you next time.

Ep - 113 - “Humility”

Hope you enjoyed the slow burn this week. If you are interested in commissioning a piece for just you or sponsoring one for everyone, please send me a Direct Message or email. You can find out more here.

Ep - 112.5 Tip Show with Phone Sex at the end

Lots of blabbing at the start, reading begins about 25 minutes in, phone sex in the last 25.

Ep - 112 ” Headphones Required.”

Thank you so much for being a listener and a fan. Hope you enjoyed this week's episode and all the rest to come.

Ep - 111 “I Want This”

Thank you so much for being a fan!See you next week.