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Ep - 112.5 Tip Show with Phone Sex at the end

Lots of blabbing at the start, reading begins about 25 minutes in, phone sex in the last 25.


Ep - 112 ” Headphones Required.”

Thank you so much for being a listener and a fan. Hope you enjoyed this week's episode and all the rest to come.


Ep - 111 “I Want This”

Thank you so much for being a fan!See you next week.


Bonus Ep - New Year’s Date (sponsored by Julie K)

A bonus episode, about New Years, new beginnings, and finding out new things about what turns you on...


Ep - 110.5 The Christmassy tip show.

Holiday Tip Jar

And a Merry Christmas to one and all, Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate it, and hope you enjoy the saucy seasons greetings and getting offs. It was an absolutely wonderful show, thank you so much to everyone who came out, requested, everything.

Here's to many more and finally, finally, finally getting this show on the road.

See you soon.


Ep - 110 “Your Present”

Happy Holidays. See you on the 3rd of January. Tip show on the 21st, Patron show on the 28th. I look forward to your requests.


Ep - 109.5 the “Nobody Came To This One” Tip Show

And I hoped you enjoyed all the poetry and other requests, I had a great time reading them. Please consider coming out to a live tip show every Friday night at 10 Eastern in December. I'd love to see you at one.


Ep - 109 “Confessional”

Hope you enjoy the pieces. The merch store is live and can't wait to take your orders. You can find more here


Ep - 108.5 Tipshow - Two Power Hours

Poetry and smut up the wazoo, it's okay to say I've never sounded better. There's a live show every Friday this month in December, I sure hope to see you there, it's a real fun time as you can hear. 


Ep - 108 “Paint and Taint”

Thank you so much for being a fan. Merch is available now at the store. Gaming streams coming soon as I get the new PC going. Kindle, Audible and Spotify releases in the near future.

What a great note to end the year on.