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Ep 41 - “The Mask”

So good to be back! Check out for more free stories and all the rest. Hope to see you there! 


Ep 40 - “Knightfall”

What an amazing summer. I do hope to see you back on October 27th. Until then. 


Ep 39 - “Tossing and Turning”

Another week passes by, another weekend approaches. I hope you enjoyed our time together before the next one arrives. May you and your loved ones get all you need and some more on top of that.


Ep 38 - “First Morning”

The first morning together as husband and wife. 


Ep 37 - “Babygirl” featuring Arianne Richmonde

That's Arianne Richmonde once again, thank you so much to her, please check out her latest, "Hooked Up" and I'll see you next week. 


Ep 36 “I Own You” with James Grey and Alessandra Torre

Thank you again to special guests James Grey and Alessandra Torre. Hope you enjoyed the pieces this week, you know I enjoyed making them for you. See you soon.


Ep 35 - “Story Time Part Two” with Anna Zaries

Thank you again to Anna Zaires and check out her new book, The Krinar Captive. 

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Hope you enjoyed the show this week, I had a lot of fun telling the story and will see next time. 

Ep 34 - “Story Time”

The questions return after a rather different starter story. Hope you're ready for a new an interesting experience.


Ep 33 - “Bask” with E K Blair

I hope you enjoy the episode! I had a great time making it, some new stuff from E K Blair and some older stuff from me living together in perfect harmony.


Ep 32 - “Coming Soon.”

And the first episode back is a little bit shakey, but that doesn't stop the fun. There's a sweet piece and then some vanilla layered on top with rambles in tow. 

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