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Ep 90 “Boon”

Hope you enjoy all the things that march brings you. I'll see you next week.


Ep 89 “Don’t Worry”

Skip to minute 11:00 for the erotica, questions start at about 27 minutes in, hope you enjoy, onwad and upward. You can see my poll here on west coast live shows and here for live stream schedules.



Ep 88 - “Smidgeon Smitten”

Thank you so much. Please check out the Patreon for more.


Ep - 87 “Valentine’s Day Livestream”

Mostly just high rambling plus a male masturbation session and some poetry requests. I streamed for a little over six hours yesterday and it was amazing. Hope you enjoy, see you next week.


Ep 86 - Happy Camper

It's so good to be back! Forgive the low effort episode as I shake off the rest.


More and more and more coming soon. See you next week.


Ep 85 - “Cowboy Jack Special”

See you on February 8th! I'll miss you, but only in spirit and even then only sometimes.


Ep 84 - “Ice Wizard”

Not for the faint of heart, trigger warnings on all kinds of abuse in this absurdly cold January. Hope you enjoy and see you next week.


Ep 83 - “The one where he just talks a bit at the end of the year”

It's been a wild ride this year. I will not miss it though. Thanks for being here, with me, thrugh it.

See you in 2018.


Ep 82 - “Shhh part 3″

Hope you've been having a great December. Extra Holiday content is about to start making it's way onto the blog.


Ep 81 - “First Livestream”

Thank you so much, hope you enjoyed the show! I do a few of these a month, you can find out more on my website,

See you soon!